46 Erasmus Mundus beneficiaries arrived at the University of Vigo to enrich multiculturalism and to encourage academic excellence

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  • 46 Erasmus Mundus beneficiaries arrived at the University of Vigo to enrich multiculturalism and to encourage academic excellence
By GreenTechWB 789 days ago

In September 2016, the University of Vigo welcomed 46 foreign students, beneficiaries of the Erasmus Mundus programmes. The School of Telecommunication Engineering hosted the ceremony for these beneficiaries of bachelor’s and master's degree levels, the PhD and postdoctorate levels, as well as the administrative and academic staff. 35 of them are new members of the programme whereas eleven doctoral students are continuing their stay as they have a scholarship duration of three academic years. Rebeca Díaz and Ana Fernández Vilas, project coordinators of the EMundus programmes GreenTech WB, Euroinkanet and E-GOV-TN, together with Eva Garea, the Senior Technician for International Relations, were in charge of receiving these students and answering their questions regarding the first contact with their host university.

At present, the University of Vigo is involved in three Erasmus Mundus programmes. On the one hand, the university coordinates the EMundus Green TECH WB Project with the Western Balkan countries. On the other hand, it is one of the partner universities in the E-GOV-TN programme with Tunisia, which is coordinated by the University of Nantes and in the Euroinkanet programme with Latin America, coordinated by the Manchester Metropolitan University. Within these mobility initiatives, this year, students from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Tunisia, Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil have arrived at our three campuses. Rebeca Díaz and Ana Fernández Vilas emphasized that these programmes gain increasingly more acceptance and demand, stating that in the academic year 2016/17 a large amount of applications was received, especially within the programme Euroinkanet. This can be explained due to the lack of language barrier between the two geographical areas.

Therefore, within the programme Green TECH WB the University of Vigo received 11 students who have newly joined the programme and five are continuing their studies this year, mainly from Serbia and Albania.  Within the E-GOV-TN project with Tunisia, eight students chose Vigo as their destination to study, together with four students who are continuing their studies. The programme with the highest number of international students coming to the UVigo in this edition is Euroinkanet with 18 participants in total. Thus, overall there are currently 26 students doing an undergraduate exchange mobility and two studying a master´s degree, 13 PhD and 3 postdoctoral students, as well as 2 administrative staff beneficiaries. The centres welcoming most of the students are the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the School of Telecommunication Engineering and those in the scientific field. The welcome session gave the opportunity to students from different Erasmus Mundus programmes to meet and know each other and share their first cultural impressions. 

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